Google Analytics 4 Migration Services

Google is moving to GA4 in July 2023. Are you ready?

In late 2020, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) officially became the default tool for organizations tracking any new digital properties. The race to migrate from Universal Analytics began. Migrate now!

Events Over Hits

GA4 utilizes event-driven outcomes as opposed to hits in Universal. Let us help your team create funnels and custom dimensions to understand how users are engaging with your content.

Conversion Tracking and Custom Dimensions

Goals are no longer supported in GA4. Instead, custom events will be used to do the bulk of conversion tracking. We will happily help you migrate goals to events in GA4.


Dates Driving the Conversion Urgency

Key Dates for Google Analytics 4 Services

October 14, 2020

Google Analytics 4 became the default for organizations creating a new tracked property. Universal Analytics, which refers to the previous generation of Analytics, remains active.

October 1, 2023

Universal Analytics 360 properties will not process data after this date. All new data will be imported into Google Analytics 4 properties only.

“At Least 6 Months”

Is how long Google has said we will have access to our older data.

GA4 Cheet Sheet

Accelerated Migration

GTM - Container | Setup Analytics | Adwords | FB Tags | Necessary Triggers

INTEGRATIONS - Google Ads | Google Search Console


EXPLORATION - User Exploration

FILTERS - Internal Traffic Filters

SEGMENTS - Two Advanced Segments

EVENTS - Automatic Events | Conversion Events

REPORTS - Two Custom Reports

TRAINING - 1 hour

7-14 Days

Enterprise Migration

GTM - Eight Tags | Setup Analytics | Adwords | FB Tags | Necessary Triggers

INTEGRATIONS - Google Ads | Google Search Console | Google Data Studio

MEASUREMENTS - Enhanced Ecommerce | User ID

EXPLORATION - User Exploration | Funnel | Cohort

FILTERS - Bot | Unwanted Referrals

SEGMENTS - Eight Advanced Segments

EVENTS - Automatic Events | Conversion Events | Custom

REPORTS - Eight Custom Reports

TRAINING - 4 hour

20 - 30 Days

Custom Solution

Phase 0 Requirements discovery

Phase 1 Before baseline metrics and migration strategy

Phase 2 Migration and validation

Phase 3 Optional dashboard design

Phase 4 Optional 3rd party tools integration

Phase 5 Optional training and knowledge transfer

Phased Deliverables

The Mach Five Center of Excellence

Innovative marketing teams trust us to implement a Google Analytics account that accurately measures the impact of their marketing.

Measurement Strategy

Prepare the Migration

Streamline Monthly Report Delivery

Business Case for Streamlining Reports

Understand Reporting Audience


Build, Organize and Analyse KPI Dashboards

Automate Report Delivery

GA4 Installation

Plan for Ecommerce Tracking

Enable the Debug View

Apply Debugging Techniques

Set Up Parallel Tracking


Review the Data

Clean Up the Data

Understand Properties and Views

Understand Events

GA4 Setup

Implement Ecommerce Tracking UA

Implement Ecommerce Tracking GA4

Use Basic Tagging

Use Advanced Tagging


Build Campaign Tracking

Audit Campaign Tracking Process

Improve Campaign Tracking Results

Set Up and Optimize Account (Beginner)

Set Up and Optimize Account (Intermediate)

Set Up and Optimize Account (Advanced)

Connect Universal Properties

Use Setup Assistant

Understand Administrator Settings

GA4 Configuration

Set Up Data Stream

Set Up User Access

Find Measurement ID

Troubleshoot Ecommerce Tracking UA


Troubleshoot Ecommerce Tracking GA4

Ensure Data Quality

Use Content Grouping

Set Up Enhanced Measurement

Set Up Audiences

Understand Engagement Data

Enhance Data After Migration

Migration Planning

Migrate Events

Migrate Parameters

Migrate Ecommerce Setups

Migrate Tags


GA4 Setup Assistant

Check Your UA Tag Tracking Code

Manually Optimize Your gtag.js for GA4

GA4 Integrations

Connect Search Console

Connect Google Ads

Connect BigQuery

Connect Google Optimize


Connect Google Data Studio

Create a Data Source

Choose GA as Connector Type

Check Your Data Source In Your Data Studio dashboard

GA4 Reporting

Find Exploration Reports

Create Exploration Reports

Use Exploration Templates

Create Automated Insights


Use Realtime Reports

Build a Funnel Analysis Report

Use Traffic Acquisition Reports

Set Reporting Identity

Use Monetization Reports

Set Up Tech Reports

Understand Demographics Reports

GA4 Dashboards

Connect YTD Website Traffic Dashboard

Connect YTD Conversions Dashboard

Connect YTD SEO Traffic Dashboard

Connect YTD Mobile Traffic Dashboard


Connect GA4 to UA Comparison Dashboard

Connect Weekly Content Performance Dashboard

Connect Monthly Content Performance Dashboard

Connect Quarterly Content Performance Dashboard

Connect Annual Content Performance Dashboard

Connect Campaign Dashboard

Connect Traffic Medium Dashboard

Time is Fleeting

This real-time graph proves that the interest in Google GA4 conversion services is rapidly increasing. The demand for GA4 upgrade know-how is only going up. If you are an agency with the urgent need to provide skilled GA4 conversion expertise, consider white labeling our migration services. Act now!